About Greystone Tubing

Snow Tubing at Greystone is the newest addition to one of Rochester’s favorite recreation destinations…home to The Links at Greystone world-class golf course and Stoney’s Pub.

What to Wear

Tubing can be rather chilly, and it makes it a much more enjoyable experience if you dress for the weather. You can bundle yourself up like the Michelin Man or take advantage of the new technology in outdoor wear. The goal is to stay warm and dry, so cotton (gets cold and wet) is not recommended.

  • Dress in layers with a wicking layer close to your skin, a polarfleece sweater and waterproof/windproof jacket on top.
  • Wear flannel pajamas or long underwear under insulated water resistant pants (snow pants) on the bottom.
  • On your feet, wear wool socks and comfortable insulated boots (not ski boots) that can be securely fastened.
  • Wear a close fitting hat that won’t fall off as you’re sliding.
  • Goggles and a scarf or neck warmer aren’t a bad idea if it is snowing or especially cold.
  • Mittens are warmer than gloves, and make sure they are insulated and waterproof.
  • Limited apparel is available for sale on site. Please plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a reservation?

Reservations enable us to manage the number of people on the hill at any one time so that we can ensure that you get as many rides as possible during your two-hour session. 

Why is my ticket good for two hours; what if I want to stay longer?

We make reservations good for a two-hour session because our research shows that is how long most people participate in outdoor winter activities. 

Do I need to bring my own tube?

No. We have a fleet of specially designed snow tubes. Outside tubes will not be allowed.

Is it safe for young children?

Our snow-tubing hill is well-managed from top to bottom. Groomed lanes provide a fun and safe ride down. Must be 42” tall to ride the main hill. Kiddie hill available for the little ones.

How BIG is too big to tube?

This is a tough question to answer and often depends on the individual. Our lift line can handle most weights, but the toughest part for those that are "gravity enhanced" can be getting out of a 42" wide tube that is only a foot off the ground on ice. Also, the heavier you are the faster you go. Please use common sense and common courtesy for our attendants before deciding to snow tube. We reserve the right to limit tubers based on safety for themselves, our staff, other guests, and our equipment.

How can I know if there’s snow on the hill?

We have snow-making machines, and this web site has daily updates on conditions. We will also update reservation availability based on weather forecast.

When Will The Snowtubing Season Start?

Although we hope to be open in December for winter break, we cannot predict our season start date. We need several days of below-freezing temperatures (28 degrees or less) to make snow. Once we can start making enough snow for the hill, we will update our website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

How Will I Know If You Are Open?

If there is bad weather, either too warm or too cold and we feel the need to close the course for safety, we will announce it on the home page of the website, Facebook, and Instagram. Please feel free to also call ahead if you are unsure of conditions.

Are The Lanes Fast Today?

This is a weather type of situation. When it is below freezing, snow is packed, lanes are fast. After natural snowfall from mother nature, the lanes will slow down. When it is 45 degrees in the middle of the day with the sun out, the lanes can slow down a little. We can see conditions change almost instantly based on how many people are riding the hills and what the weather is at that moment in time! You may call or come and check out the hill conditions prior to purchase. We do not give refunds for conditions that are out of our control. When conditions are too fast, Greystone Tubing reserves the right to shorten the length of the hill during icy conditions to maintain the safety of patrons. Always call or check the homepage for conditions before coming to snow tube.

Is There An Indoor Facility For Food & Beverages?

Our Club House is open to tubers and guests where you will find restrooms, locker rooms, and our bar and restaurant. Our Stoney's Pub Restaurant is open and ready to serve bar food as well as full meals. A children's menu is also available. The bar is open for adults 21 and over. We also have a Waffle Hut and Snack Shake just steps away from the tubing hill.

What If I Don't Want To Go Tubing But My Kids Do?

You are welcome to sit back and watch while your kids are tubing. You do not need to buy a ticket if you are not using the slope. However, a responsible adult must stay on the property for any children tubing age 15 and under.

My Child Is Small. Can They Go Tubing?

Children must be at least 42” tall to ride the large hill, but there is a separate kiddie hill available. This is perfect for younger children and adults who want to ease into the experience. Adults can daisy chain tubes with their children but everyone must be in their own tubes. Linking tubes is dependent on weather conditions. 

Do I Have To Walk Back Up The Hill?

We have a rope tow lift that will pull you and your tube up to the top of the big hill. There is no tow rope for the kiddie hill.

Are Credit Cards Accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Apple pay.

What Is Appropriate Attire?

You are encouraged to wear good, outdoor clothing. Warm boots, a warm coat, hat, and gloves are suggested. Snow pants are highly recommended if you will be spending the day.

How Long Will I Wait In Line?

Most days there should be a minimal wait if any. We try to get guests a completed run at least every 10-15 minutes. Sometimes unplanned weather conditions can slow the entire process down.

Do You Have Facilities For A Birthday Party Or Private Event?

Yes, we do. Please call (315) 524-0022 and reach out to Sheila Moonan our Event Coordinator to get details and request a date. Food and drinks must be bought through Stoney's Pub Restaurant but we do allow you to bring your own cake with no cake cutting fees.

Do You Have Group Discounts?

We offer group discounts perfect for schools, churches, companies, and other organizations. Please call (315) 524-0022. Group Tubing discount only valid with the additional purchase of one of our food packages.

Are You Hiring?

You are welcome to fill out an application for employment. We will notify you of any open positions.

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